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Kulau GmbH

KULAU is a creative start-up company situated in Berlin, Germany: the European capital for healthy, natural and organic product trends. Our enterprise is dedicated to developing coconut and coconut palm tree products that meet and exceed the highest quality standards and appeal to those we offer them to. Our products are marketed under the trademark of KULAU. The name KULAU means “young green coconut” in Tok Pisin (one of the 790 languages in Papua New Guinea) and was chosen to represent our very first product: KULAU organic coconut water, which stems fr om young green coconuts and is a very popular beverage in countries wh ere coconut palm trees grow. Worldwide, more than 100 million people are economically dependent on products derived from coconut palm trees, most of them in developing countries. Therefore, KULAU not only aims to bring new, virtually unknown products to the European market but at the same time strives to improve the lives and environment of all those involved in the corporate value chain by dealing in a fair, ethical and sustainable manner. This philosophy has also proven to be highly beneficial for KULAU: guaranteeing the high quality of our products. Should you not be able to reach us personally by telephone at some point, chances are that we are intensively searching for the best organic coconut plantations in the world to get closer to our goal: providing the European market with the best quality products from carefully selected producers.
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