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Tsagaropoulos Iordanis Freshland S.A.

Овощи, фрукты, ягоды, Овощи и грибы консервированные, сушеные и прочие, стенд ,  Tsagaropoulos Iordanis Freshland S.A.

Tsagaropoulos Iordanis Freshland S.A.

Греция, Центральная Македония, Восточная Македония и Фракия, Салоники
Адрес: Neohorouda Industrial Area 402 57008 Thessaloniki Greece
Тел.: +7 (XXX) XXX-XX-XX показать
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Сайт: www.freshland.gr
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Sun-dried tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes. Sun-dried tomatoes Не для продажи на сайте EXPO-FMCG.RU

Pickled peppers

Pickled peppers. Pickled peppers Не для продажи на сайте EXPO-FMCG.RU

Red pepper

Red pepper. Red pepper Не для продажи на сайте EXPO-FMCG.RU


Сucumber. Сucumber Не для продажи на сайте EXPO-FMCG.RU

Eggplant puree

Eggplant puree. Eggplant puree Не для продажи на сайте EXPO-FMCG.RU


IORDANIS TSAGAROPOULOS S.A. is a modern company for the process, merchandise and exports of agricultural products.

Our company’s long experience, the continuous update of our technical department, our passion for perfection and our high sense of responsibility towards our clients, are all elements of high quality and taste products that follow strict international regulations of quality and hygiene.

The balanced relation between price and quality, the well developed network of representatives and the high standards of service have contributed to the continuous growth of the company.

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